About Us

Our History

Electrical Supplier de México S.A. de C.V. It is founded in 1992 to satisfy the needs of Industrial Control and Automation of Mexican Companies.

Starting 2006, we expanded our product portfolio, manufacturing mechanical conveyors to cover the requirements of Movement Control, Material Handling and Logistics.

We are a Mexican Company

We have more than 25 years of experience in materials handling, automation and industrial control.

We are Conveyor Manufacturers

We make Conveyors for Assembly Lines, White Line and Airports, Pharmaceutical Industry, Automotive and more at Affordable Cost. From a section to a complete System designed to be coupled with other material handling, logistics and production equipment.


ESM staff experience covers a wide range of applications in virtually any type of manufacturing, warehousing or distribution, spanning the following industries, among others:

Airports / Baggage handling: documentation, taxiing and claim.

White Line / Assembly and Manufacturing Processes.

Metallic manufactures / Assembly Lines.

Postal Service / Conveyors for the handling of parcels and envelopes.

Distribution Centers / Draw systems, transport and selection systems.

Electronics / Assembly Lines.

Mattress factories / Production lines.

Textile, dress / Hanging systems and selection of clothes.

Pharmaceutical / Draw systems, transport, selection and storage systems.

Automotive Industry / Handling of tires, seats and automotive parts.